Choosing a perfect rug for your patio or your outdoor space is just as important as choosing one for your interiors. There are few things to keep in mind while choosing an outdoor rug. While choosing an outdoor rug make sure to choose an all-weather rug which can withstand the harsh weather conditions as well.

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1.Choose tone and pattern that compliment your outdoor décor:

Choosing a rug that provides a sense of fashion and functionality is a must for outdoor spaces. You can bring a pop of color by matching your outdoor rug with the décor items such as hammock or cushions, the plants or the lights setting. For an ultra modern finish try a striped rug in monochromatic tones which will accentuate your outdoor décor. For outdoor setting with natural-wood furniture and décor, a rug with solid colors such as red or orange will create a warm yet welcoming aura.

2.Choose a rug with weather resistant properties:

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The foremost thing to keep in mind while choosing a rug for your outdoors is to choose a weather-resistant one. The outdoors is prone to harsh weather conditions so choosing a rug that can withstand the harsh conditions is a must. Choose a moisture proof rug with a backing to prevent mold and mildew buildup. It will also help in preventing rainwater and melted snow from pooling on top of the rug. Polypropylene, Acrylic and Olefin rugs are mostly ideal for outdoors as they are resistant to the outdoor weather condition making them a best choice for outdoor rugs. A rug with UV-resistance coating works well in warmer climates as it helps in protecting your rug from fading from excessive exposure to the heat and the sun.

3.Choose a Flat-weave Rug:

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For outdoors its best to use a rug which minimizes wear and is designed to shed less such as a Low-pile Flat-weave Rug. A flat-weave rug is both durable and stable due to its tight construction, although it’s not much comfortable underfoot. A flat weave rug will repel dust and dirt and it won’t snag, so it’s a best choice for outdoors. Even with heavy foot traffic, a flat-weave rug maintains its shape and appearance so you can host parties and gatherings outdoors without worrying about your rug.

4.Choose a rug with Easy Maintenance:

When looking for an outdoor rug, choose a rug style and weave that allows easy maintenance of your outdoor rug. Flat-weave rugs provide easy maintenance and they can be easily spot cleaned with either mild cleaner and water or pre-moistened wipes. You can also use a fabric protector spray which helps in preventing stains from getting absorbed into the fibers. Choose rug with stain-resistant property as it can be easily rinsed to remove any loose dirt or debris. Rug material such as jute and bamboo has hard fibers which makes them naturally resistant to dirt and dust and makes their cleaning process a lot easier.

5.Choose a rug which compliments your entryway or Patio

When choosing an outdoor rug, deciding the appropriate size of your rug is a crucial step. It’s of utmost importance to pick a rug with dimensions that will accentuate your outdoor space but at the same time not over power it. For furniture such as a small table or benches, a circular rug will work amicably. If you want to tie together your outdoor furniture, a rectangular rug will work well. Use smaller sized rugs or doormats for areas such as entryways or footsteps of your house, because it fits perfectly.