Buying a rug for your home is a difficult task considering the number of factors involved in the decision making process. But, it is fruitful as the rug plays a vital role in your room. Just consider changing an old area rug with a new one and see the change yourself. This is the power of rugs and how they can revamp your interiors in seconds.

This is the rug which can really tie the room together. All your scattered decor elements will fall into sync if properly managed and coordinated with your area rug.

Personal preference matters the most

It's your room, your money and your rug. Chances are you may invest a lot of money in buying your beautiful rug and it may remain with you in your room for a long time. This has to be a thing of your choice. Your own sense of style should reflect into the decor elements you chose for your room. As you go out to buy your favourite carpet, think of the major categories like traditional or contemporary and bring one which soothes you best.

You might also have a unique taste of colours. Since the market is full of amazing coloured rugs, you may want to choose one which suits your personal interest and off course your existing colour theme.

Well, the possibilities are huge since these carpets are available in colours like blue, green, red, silver, orange, cream and many other exciting ones. You may want to have a look at our latest new arrivals like orange rugs in UK.

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How to keep it clean and new throughout the years?

Well, this is of top priority, not just for rugs, instead for any new thing you plan to bring in your house _ its maintenance, the ways to do it and how much is it going to cost you?

Be careful about the maintenance of your rug. You need to check for the manufacturer's label regarding the exact information about the care and take of it. Usually, the ones which are high in quality require extra bit of care and it becomes even doubled when they are placed in a high traffic area.

The usage will be a defining factor

A lot depends upon how you intend to use your carpet. If all you require from a flooring solution is an element of visual appeal and aesthetic beauty, then a high end and luxurious shaggy rug is fit choice. Shaggy rugs are a good choice for low traffic areas.

If it's going to be exposed to a high foot-fall in a busy area, then low pile or flat weave rug is a good option. You also need to take into account children and pets and a low pile rug is a perfect fit here.

The room where you are going to bring it in

The choice of your carpet will be dependent upon the area you are going to bring it in. Just think about the place and you will find a different befitting rug appropriate for it.

For hallways and entry ways, it's going to be a long runner to entice a welcoming feel for your guests. If it's for a family room or living area, you will require an extra-extra large rug to submerge the entire furniture set over it.

Think about your bedroom, you will find a floor piece which is just two-third of the size of the bed smartly placed underneath for an added visual appeal while maintaining the symmetry. Two long runners running on both sides of your bed can also work well.

Your lifestyle is also an important deciding factor

Your lifestyle and daily routine is one another important factor to keep in mind while buying a carpet for your living space. If you have got children and pets, then this will be taken into account. Generally, an easy to clean and a low-pile rug which can stand well to spot cleaning are considered to be ideal for such requirements.

You may also be of the nature who likes constant changes. So, if you like to keep changing your decor elements constantly, then opting for a high end expensive rug is not a good idea. You may want to switch to cheaper options.

The texture and feel you want to bring in

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It's the amazing texture and feel to your underfoot which is another key factor for these adorable floor decors. Think of the kind of texture you love and then make a decision. A lot of people opt for posh and sumptuous shaggy rugs to feel soft underfoot.

Wool rugs have their own luxurious texture, though you will have to splurge a lot to have it in your room. The idea is to feel the cosiness and comfort while walking over it.

One great way to achieve cushioning for your cheap and low pile rugs is to lay down rug pads underneath them.

Beautiful patterns for an enhanced visual appeal

The pattern and design of your rug will lead to overall beauty of your room. The simplest of designs with appropriate colour infusions can go a long way in giving your room a desired uplift. Though the design part is something more inclined towards the personal preference, still it is recommended to opt for a design which can infuse well with the current decor theme of your room.

How about, you choose from amongst the most popular designs available and give your dull room a chance to look amazing again?

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Ideally, if you are investing in a high end rug, it is advised to opt for a design pattern which is timeless. Something which wouldn't age with time and can sustain the ever changing modern day designs _ traditional rugs with a touch of modern designs to it. Technically, they are called vintage or antique rugs. Unlike modern day rugs, these are made with high quality wool fibre which will pass to your next generation, if appropriately maintained. Though modern rugs do look great but they require replacement sooner or later.

Size will always be the key

Size has been and will always be one of the most important elements to consider while choosing a floor cover for your room. For some, it is so paramount that they will go down to smallest of units to measure the preciseness and purchase one (custom-made rugs) which fits in perfectly.

Size is considered to be the primary requisite and you should measure your room properly before going to purchase your rug offline or online. Few common rules to keep in mind could be_ 1. The size of your carpet should be in appropriate ratio with the size of your room. Too small a rug for a large living room and too big a rug for a tiny kid's room _ I guess you can imagine how inappropriate it sounds! You may want to leave some white space to avoid any clutter or mess. We are talking about the breathing space around your rug. 2. It is a golden rule to bring in the large area rugs for living rooms as they are the perfect fit for these big rooms. The bigger the better! It will not only make the place more appealing but will also deduce to create an illusion of a larger space. You room will look bigger and spacey.

Considering moving to a new house

Well, you may have always heard to always think ahead and plan well for your future. This is exactly what applies here as well. If you have a plan to shift to a new place in the coming couple of month or so, you might not want to splurge heavy on a rug which specifically suits your current home.

The best option would be to wait till you move in to your new house and buy one which fits in there. There is one more thing you can do if you are aware of the property you are going to buy. If you already know your home, have got your blueprints and the design ready, you can buy one which goes well with your new home and does a so-so job in your current one. After all, compromising for a couple of months when buying an expensive rug seems a better choice.

If you don't feel the above mentioned options to go well with your lifestyle, then you can always go out to get a cheaper rug which can you your job for couple of months and then you can replace it with a new and expensive one for your brand new house.

We hope that you enjoyed reading it and learned some important tips to consider before buying a rug for your room. We would love to hear back from you. Let us know if you feel we missed any point. Just put your thoughts in the comment section below.

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