Top 5 Reasons As To Why You Should Get An Area Rug For Your Living Space

During this season, why not purchase an area rug for a number of reasons? Rugs have a plethora of applications, from providing comfort to complementing your décor. Rugs are absolutely versatile and they can be used any way you see fit in your household this season, whether they are traditional runner rugs or giant bathroom runner rugs. There is a rug that can be placed in every part of the living space. Here are our top five reasons to get one for your living space.

                                             Nova 8879C White Traditional Runner by Ultimate Rug

  1. Upgrade your interior design

Rugs come in each and every shade, size, shape, and design imaginable, so there is no doubt that the use of one will harmonize the room's aesthetic by tying in everything together and making them correlate. Traditional patterned carpets, like Persian or Turkish rugs, can offer sophistication and elegance to the space and serve as the main focal point, while a rug with vivid, block dark colours can help to make a statement. This can be a way of reflecting your personality and giving the living space a chance to be expressive with décor. 

  1. To help lighten a dim space

Dark furniture, carpets, and walls have become commonplace in today's modern homes. The use of dark materials, such as dark brown rugs, can absorb a lot of light and make a space appear gloomy and depressing even though it may be lovely in the eyes of the observer. This could be an issue if you want to reduce your electricity bill or live in an area with few or no windows, meaning there is less natural light available. The best option is to use a light-coloured wallpaper to generate contrast, which will enhance the amount of light in the space by reflecting the light rather than absorbing it. Utilizing colours and how they work with one another, will give a striking contrast against dark furniture and floors even if it won't help as much as using additional light. When using colour theory to decide the colours of the living space, it guides to use of colours on opposite sides of the spectrum in order to have the colour combination that is the most aesthetically pleasing - where each colour compliments the other. Contrasting carpeting will lessen the likelihood of time-locked homogenous looks.

                                                           Hush Cumin Plain Rug by Rug Guru

   3. Boost protection and safety

Kids should not play on household hard surfaces like laminate flooring or even stronger vinyl since they increase the risk of major injuries compared to softer surfaces. Harder surfaces make kids and little children more vulnerable to accidents and increase their likelihood of requiring medical attention. Rugs can add some padding between both the floor and the kids to prevent accidents and ease potential accidents or trips. Parents who want firmer flooring but still want their children to be safe can benefit from this. The advantage of removable rugs is that they may be removed after children falling and slipping are no longer an issue. Hardwood floors are additionally shielded when rugs are added to them. Although highly wanted, hardwood floors, like oak, can be expensive to install, thus they should be kept out of high usage areas. A rug would be added to prevent scuffs, spills, and stains.

  1. Hideaway flaws

In most rental properties, there are flaws like stains, discolouration or damages to the ground area that the landlord is hesitant to repair. Or perhaps this is the situation with homeowners who want to delay redesigning because their young toddlers and babies are continually damaging the floors. Utilizing the rug might hide the flaws and present a deliberate aesthetic item as opposed to a quick fix. However, a rug can be a work of art even if there are no flaws or damage to the floor. For the fibres to resemble the exquisite flooring cover you understand it to be, precise patterns, designs, and structures are inserted into them. It is not necessary to have damaged flooring in order to use a rug and have it lighten the space. The rug might be exhibited as a type of tapestry on the walls as an outlandish notion because it is identical to them. 

  1. Bring in comfort

Just because not everyone uses shoes or socks when moving about in their home, utilising a rug might offer warmth and comfort instead of a cold tile or smooth surface floor. This is particularly true in the wintertime or during colder times when you are reluctant to leave your bed because the hardwood floors are a touch too chilly. As a rug doesn't do anything to produce heat and comfort after purchase, it can operate as a better insulator. When kids baulk at wearing shoes inside the house, that's the ideal solution to ensure that they don't have cold feet and feel discomfort. Because rug fibres will feel nice beneath your feet and help you unwind after a long, exhausting day, the warmth and softness itself can be very comforting. As you spend time relaxing on the rug, it will stay with you during joyful occasions and begin to be associated with those memories.

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