Twinset Divina 013406 Striped Rug by Brink & Campman

Rugs add definition and character to a living space! Whether you are a design buff or not, you might want to stay updated with the current rug trends to keep your home chic and fresh. Rugs tend to provide a unique, signature look with their vibrant tone, bold designs and eclectic textures. With the holiday season dawning upon us, picking out the best possible look for your home has become a priority. Read on to know what are the top rug fashions trending this Black Friday.

1.Trend One: Layering Your Rug :

Rosita 140402 Harissa Handtufted Wool Rug by Harlequin

You can make your space more defined this Black Friday by adding a smaller rug on top of a larger one. This is helpful for studios and living spaces with open floor plan. Your space will appear larger if you create smaller areas within your room. Layering a small rug in the center of the room helps in grounding the space and giving it a definition. Soften the appearance of layered rugs by placing two rugs which looks like that they belong to each other. You can also create a focal point for your living space by simply rotating your rugs. Placing rugs at certain angle will create a bold style statement and add movement to your space.

2.Trend Two: Go Bold With Colorful Prints :

Muralla Azure 015108 Designer Rug by Bluebellgray

If you want to keep things simple in your living room when it comes to furniture and décor, you can still have a lot of fun with colours and bold patterns. Magentas, Green or Vivid blue are certain to make a style statement for your home while complementing the neutral hues of your furniture such as chair, coffee table, existing decor or even your hard flooring. Try out a dramatic colour palette this Black Friday to make an impressive style statement to your otherwise neutral space.

3.Trend Three: Go Plush with Shag Rugs :

Rabbit 100 White Circle Rug by Unique Rugs

Shag rugs are back in trend with a bang! Shag rugs are available in a number of colors and patterns. Go for a colorful shag rug if you want to create a contrast with your neutral furniture. If you want to create a sleek look for your home, go for a neutral shag rug. Shaggy rugs are sure to add a certain stylish accent to your home apart from adding undeniable comfort. If you are looking to spice up a small space at your home, go for a square-shaped or rectangular shaped rug. A large, round shag rug will work perfectly well in the center of a large room. This Black Friday bring home a plush shag to bestow your home with undeniable comfort and charm. For instance, The Rug Shop UK offers a sumptuous range of Rabbit Rugs which are an epitome of plush comfort and chic appeal.

4.Trend Four: Turkish Rugs :

Nourison Ankara Global ANR14 Teal/Multicolor Circle Rug

Turkish Rugs are proving to be the hottest trend in town! Bring an atmosphere of refined allure and chic elegance by placing a timelessly classy Turkish rug in your living space. Since living room’s can be the most utilized space in your home, you may want to jazz it up with some incredibly stylish yet classy rug. If you don’t want a completely vintage look for your room, go for a Turkish or Oriental rug and pair it with some modern furniture and accessories or metallic accents which will give a nice mix of both contemporary and classy. Turkish rugs are bestowed with patterns and themes that date back to centuries, making them a classic masterpiece. This Black Friday, bring an aura of elegance by laying a Turkish rug.

5.Trend Five: Go Classy With Neutral Geometric Pattern :

Infinite Scope Purple Geometric Rug by Flair Rugs

If you lean more towards having minimalist décor or shy away from loud colours, try geometric prints this black Friday. Go with soothing hues such as white, beige, black or other neutral tones and make a style statement with the contrasting chemistry created between your rug and your décor. Neutral hues tend to brighten up a dull space and bring a calming factor. This trend is increasingly becoming popular as neutral hues in a rug can match with any colour the room is painted with, hence creating a more inviting space.