Top 7 Reasons as to Why You Should Have an Orla Kiely Rug in Your Home

Orla Kiely is an established Irish artist that has been loved and adorned for years. Through her work, she has been labeled as the queen of prints as her iconic prints are recognized on an international level. She started her company, will little to her name, but with high amounts of passion and love for patterns and colour. Her patterns have mid-century inspiration but follow a repeated pattern to fit the modern aesthetic and style. Her love for patterns has her patterns highly desirable and have been applied to many areas. One of those is rugs - her designs can be seen on many rugs and are crafted with the best quality materials. This has become her way of having her artwork be a part of home design as well. 

Everything is Bold, Bright, and Beautiful.

Colour can be a very beautiful thing to have in home decor. It is not to say that monochromatic can’t be adored at all, there is just something unique and special about colour. With the vast array of colours available and the limitless possibilities of colour combinations, you can make your own statement through colour expression. Orla Kiely has loved colour all her life and has portrayed her love for it in her artwork. She has repeatedly used different shades of yellow as she believes it can create a happy environment. 

Giant Linear Stem 460703 Persimmon Outdoor Rug by Orla Kiely

While Orla Kiely was coming up with her design pieces, at the time, black was the most popular colour to use. It was used everywhere and people were focused on the darker coloured fabrics. This made Orla stand out as black is barely used in her designs since she focuses more on colour. It brought more attention to her and made her recognizable from a sea of people doing similar work. 

Modern Form of Minimalism

The very interesting thing with Orla Kiely's designs is that they are very minimalist designs - often repetition of various shapes - but they seem to be very busy and have a lot going on. This can be said because the artwork is in large repeating blocks and very bold, complementary colors are used. This allows the piece to be engaging and eye-catching while being minimalist and not actually having a lot going on. Bold and bright colours can be daunting sometimes, but these colors are paired with muted tones so there is a balance of different types of colours in her artwork. 

Bring Some Pattern and Colour to your Hallway

Puzzle Flower 060905 Slate Wool Rug by Orla Kiely

Hallways can be very easy to decorate - when you are wanting something plain and minimal. When you are wanting to decorate your hallway to have a personality, it can be hard. Hallways have limited space and so you have to be smart with the accessory pieces and decorative your choice. One way to bring in patterned statement pieces is an Orla Kiely hallway runner rug. These rugs are patterned with repeated designs and utilize bold, bright colours. They can add a statement to your hallway without taking up any space. You can have them as the centerpiece or as a complimenting decorative piece to walls or wall hangings. 

She uses the best Materials Possible

Fabric makes the rug. There is no doubt about it. The type of material that you use in rugs decides the quality of the rug and how long it will last. Orla Kiely herself uses the highest quality grade wool for her rug manufacturers. A clear reflection of good quality can be seen with her rugs as they are beautiful and very durable to foot traffic. Her rugs can be placed in any area and expect the best performance because she uses the best materials possible. 

Incredibly Sustainable and Eco- friendly

Multi Stem 061506 Wool Rug by Orla Kiely

With global warming and climate change, it is becoming increasingly important that eco-friendly materials and resources are being used for everyday essentials. This applies to rugs as well which Orla Kiely has perfectly demonstrated. As Orla Kiely uses wool as her primary material for her rugs, it is a natural material that can be sourced organically. The production of wool is much more sustainable and eco-friendlier to the planet. Wool is a sustainable material that can last for years before showing signs of wearing and tearing.  

Hypoallergenic and Friendly for Respiratory Issues

As her main materials are wool, a great advantage of using wool materials, is that they are naturally, hypoallergenic. For one, wool doesn’t irritate the skin. It is a natural material that can be touched by those even with sensitive skin. Harmful bacterial and dust mites can’t survive in wool as the conditions are too dry for them. For this reason, the wool rugs can stay clean of critters and bacteria, all year round. Fewer dust particles are also created by wool rugs. These are harmful to those with respiratory issues and can be a problem if dust and fibers are constantly created.

Perfect Sized Rugs for Different Areas

Orla Kiely designer rugs are available in four different rugs. They can be made custom if you are wanting specific measurements or if there are no sizes available for what you want. If you want are wanting a large rug as your child’s bedroom rug, you will be able to find the perfect Orla Kiely rug. 

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