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Choosing rugs is not as easy as it looks. Whatever rugs you choose, you are likely to live with that for quite a long time. That's why you always have to be confident enough while choosing a rug. A rug can change the look and mood of a room, they also have a range of practical benefits, from warming your house to reducing noise and protecting the floor. When the rug is placed on top of the carpet, they protect the carpet from spills and any kind of stains. If you are buying rugs online there are varieties of options available for you to choose from, you might be a little overwhelmed by looking at the variety of options but the bottom line is that you want to lend a rug that is of your own choice, which lasts for a long time and the rug that's worth its cost. If you are confused about what makes a good quality rug for your home look at the given points:

Knots Per Square Inch

Cyrus CY02 Kadin Kilim Rug By Asiatic

The number of knots on the rug will decide destiny, their durability, and the clarity of patterns. The more knots the higher the quality of the rug would be. If there is a fewer number of knots that means it has looser knit means the rug would not stand against the high foot traffic areas. A high-quality rug has a higher number of knots to upstand against with any foot traffic. The compactness of the rugs is what determines whether a rug is considered to be a rough or fine quality rug. Sometimes not only the knots decided the quality of the rug but also the materials it is made up of. Higher-quality rugs take a long time to manufacture.

To Knit a fine quality rug you first have to start with a finely revolve material. The next thing you need to take into consideration is the type of knots. The symmetrical knots are considered to produce a much more long-lasting knit. Senneh is a type of rug that knots to achieve lines in a rug design and a finer knot density.

The last factor that determines the knot density is the skill of the knitter. The master rug weaver creates a high-quality rug and they are often trained since childhood. They develop the skills to produce more designs and to pack the knots more tightly for a better quality rug.

The Quality Of The Material

Cyrus CY03 Emir Kilim Rug By Asiatic

When searching for a high-quality rug first thing you need to ensure is that the material is made up of. When you want to buy a quality avoid purchasing the rug which is made from synthetic fiber. Rugs that are made from nylon or propylene work best where there is a lot of foot traffic and also work best with the kid's bedroom as it is durable and soft. You can also use a grey rug in high-traffic foot areas to hide dust and stains. Pure silk rugs are usually the most high-quality rugs followed by a combination of wool and silk.

Finer weave rugs will also have a short pile length which allows them to be soft and flexible without losing strength. Fine rugs should be trimmed shorter to avoid appearing blurry and losing their strength due to wool spreading out towards the end.

Choosing the best handmade rugs

Bazaar Jute 23787 Natural Rug By Think Rugs

Each handmade rug is a unique piece of art. While you go any purchase your rug you get confused with the ranges available. Of all kinds of rugs available, especially the handmade rug with a lot of knots is the most durable one. Most handmade rugs cheer up the mood. People also buy traditional rugs for their homes to add a luxurious touch of elegance to their rooms.

Avoid tufted rugs

Super Teddy Jewel Green Shaggy Rug By Think Rug

Machine-tufted rugs and hand-tufted rugs are among the most popular types of are you can find because they can be easily made. However, the materials and processes they are made up of are causing health diseases. Tufted rugs are produced by taking loose wool with unsafe chemicals which are hazardous for health. So a hand-tufted rug is typically a much higher quality rug than the one that is made with machines, but if you like to have a fine high-quality rug then opt for the hand-knotted rugs because it is made up of natural materials like wool and silk and it also lasts for a very long time whereas hand-tufted rugs are made partially by hand and partially by machine. The high quality of the knots makes a hand-knotted outlast a hand-tufted one.


If you want to buy a rug that has value beyond its use in your home decor then opt for hand-knotted rugs as it is made up of natural materials like wool and silk and without the use of any machinery.

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