What rugs are best for laminate flooring?

Laminate floorings have become very popular in recent years because it is cheap and gives the same appearance as hard wooden floors. Laminate floorings create a clean canvas; especially in open floor plans. Rugs add multiple benefits, such as design and area separation, to your home. This blog is to help you choose the best area rug for your laminate floors.

Vacant space

Inaluxe Transmission IX12 Designer Wool Rug by Think Rugs

With laminate flooring acting as a clean canvas, there is a lot of open floor area and vacant space. Instead of placing down excess furniture that would decrease the walking area of the room, place down a rug. It allows the area for mobility and can make the room appear larger than it already is.

There are rug designs, like the one above, that have simplistic designs with large areas of monotone patches or solid backgrounds. People tend to walk on the solid background colour and avoid the middle design. It means that even though the rug is large, it doesn't decrease any walking room while the centrepiece remains intact and undamaged from heavy traffic.

Mad Men Griff 8419 Columbus Gold Designer Luxury Rug by Louis De Poortere

In open floor plans, there isn't any separation between rooms. By using a rug, you can add clear divides as to what counts in what area. These rugs can differ in both colour and design, and be placed in in-vacant spaces such as under the main furniture. It can also help tie the furniture in and complete the look by adding a cosy feel.


Cable New Blush Wool Rug by Origin

Laminate floors are known to be cold; especially during winter and early mornings. To avoid this, place a rug down! Getting laminate flooring for its cheapness and practicality takes away the warm, insulating factor that carpet provides. A rug will act the same as a carpet and trap warm air underneath the fibres. It will give your feet a better sensation than walking on cold laminate. If the rug is being used as a necessity rather than for aesthetic reasons, it won't have to be placed all year round - it can be used during the cold months and packed away when it is warm and sunny again. The rug provides versatility and it is up to you how you want to use it.

Noise cancellation

Rosita 140404 Putty Hand tufted Wool Rug by Harlequin

Laminate floorings become another reflective surface when installed and can increase the sound of echoes. It becomes increasingly worse with larger rooms and can prove to be bothersome and annoying. To prevent this, you can install a rug to help absorb the sound waves and stop them from reflecting off the floor. The larger the room, the larger the rug would have to be fully effective in noise cancellation. In addition, the rug can be installed in high traffic areas to reduce ambient sounds. Sounds, such as footsteps and high heels, which would've been accentuated with the laminate flooring, can be cushioned to reduce the noise.


Gallery Graffito 9144 Street Graph Flatweave Rug by Louis De Poortere

Laminate flooring tends to be monotone or have a plain colour scheme. Using a coloured rug can add vibrancy or elegance to your room. You could follow an analogous colour scheme where you use similar colours. It can work in some instances such as shades of brown, nude or grey but you would have to pay attention to the patterns you are using. If are using multiple rugs and all follow a different design, it can start to look displeasing and uncomfortable. However, some designs compliment each other and would look impeccable. If not analogous, you could follow a complementary colour scheme that uses opposite colours in the colour spectrum. The colour spectrum highlights colour pairs that work the best with each through visual stimuli and aesthetics. By pairing these colours together, you would be designing a visually enhanced living space that won't disappoint.


Celestial Midnight Blue Designer Rug by Christian Fischbacher

Rugs vary in shapes, sizes and colours; they are available in a range of styles so there will be a rug for every personality and aesthetic. Having a bright, eccentric rug can add personality to the room as it acts as a focal point and sparks interest. On the flip side, having unique and unusual rugs can also add interest as they are original and uncommon.

An example of a rug that is different to usual rugs would be jute rugs. Usually, rugs have a cotton or wool look to them as they are soft and fluffy, while jute rugs are made from dried jute fibres that give the material a more durable texture. By using a jute rug, you can add sophistication to your laminate floors as the rugs are often large and simplistic. Jute can be used as traditional runner rugs as well as large-area rugs; you'll be able to place jute rugs in your hallway as well. As a bonus, these rugs are made from carbon-neutral and eco-friendly materials so they are better for the environment.

Focal point

Romo Murano Sunflower RG8740 Rug by Louis De Poortere

Focal points hold interest. Having a focal point prevents the layout of your room from being skimmed over and the attention being moved. Having a focal point demands attention and draws the viewer in to have a closer look. It is extremely useful with simplistic and monotone interiors where the furnishings follow the same basic colour scheme. Having the focal point can give the room a personality and influence the ambience.

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