Why Do Rugs Curl Up?

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Rugs are a flooring foundation for your interior and help in combining various décor items in an open floor plan as well! However, some rugs experience wear and tear in the end. One of the most common issues is the curling of the corners, bent borders, and folded edges. Read on to know why does your rugs curls up and how to prevent them.

Causes of Curling up of Your Rug

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1. Type of Weave:

Moderate curling is seen in hooked and knotted floor covers. Flat-woven rugs and fringed rugs are affected the most as they have jutting edges. Braided-style rugs are comparatively better and can remain uncurled for quite some time.

2. Edge Binding:

Poor binding or backing triggers the process of curling faster than anticipated. Sharp angled edges in a rug are more prone to curling up. Curved or tempered edges tend to remain in their original form for a longer period of time.

3. High Traffic:

If your rug experiences high traffic then its edges turn upwards in the long run. Various factors such as rubbing shoes, feet and disrupting the position of the rug can distort its edges.

4. Wrong Cleaning Method:

Wrong cleaning procedures such as running your vacuum cleaner against the direction of your rug pile lead to ruffling up the edges of your rug. Hand washing your synthetic rug or high heat steam cleaning and roughly scrubbing your rug leads to harming the yarns of your rug.

5. Variation in Temperature:

Increasing humidity, variation in temperature, or summer heat may affect the yarns of your rug. The risk of pulled weft due to variation in temperature leads to bending of the borders of your rug.

6. Improper Storage:

Keeping rugs rolled up in the wrong direction or folded them when not required can cause curling up of the edges. Make sure to use proper packaging material to wrap up your rugs to maintain their good condition.

Tips to Remove Curling of Your Rugs

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1. Reverse Roll:

Before laying down your rug, make sure to reverse roll or roll it over the wrong side, firmly. Maintain this position for few minutes and then roll it out on the floor. This will help in preventing the edges to curl, if they do curl up then they will curl downwards instead of upwards. This will also help in preventing the corners from folding.

2. Iron Edges:

One of the simplest ways to straighten out curled corner is to iron it over the rear side of the patches where the pile moves upwards. Make sure to adjust your steam iron or electronic iron to its lowest settings, just enough to provide a little bit of heat to the curled-up corners.

3. Rug Pad:

A rug pad helps in keeping your area rug lying flat and in place. It skillfully acts as a grip and holds your rug in place and prevents it from slipping. It also keeps your rug from developing wrinkles which can be a safety hazard for slipping, tripping, or falling. A rug pad is designed in such a way that its surface will stick to both the floor and the rug.

4. Adhesive Tape:

Double-sided tapes or adhesive tapes help in fixing the rug corners firmly to the floor. Make sure to purchase the ones which are not too sticky so that they can be easily removed when required. Adhesive tapes also help in keeping your rug grounded without shifting or moving.

5. Repair Wefts:

One of the most professionally helpful ways to deal with curled edges is to repair the internally stretched and pulled wefts that lead to curling. The damaged wefts cause the edges and surface of your rug to crumple and push out. Repairing wefts helps in permanently getting rid of curls or folded corners.

6. Place Heavy Objects:

One of the easiest ways to deal with curled edges is to place a heavy object on the curled-up corners for a week or two. Although, make sure that you don’t stress out your rugby by placing too heavy an object as that can cause dents in your rug.

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