A pool of luxuriousness is what a wool rug comprises of! If you are choosing something long lasting yet exquisite in nature, a wool rug is your best choice. A wool rug brings your entire room together and sets a certain tone for your living space while giving off a cozy appeal. Renowned for their quality and durability, wool rugs are very resilient and their texture allows quick recovery from indenting caused by footsteps. This allows the rug to look new and fresh for a long period of time. Read on to see why wool is your best investment for a rug with long lasting aesthetics.

Wool rugs are durable - Wool rugs have a tendency to last a long time. The material is durable and flexible hence can last for many years without showing signs of wear. A wool rug can prove to be a great investment, as it can maintain its luxurious look for years without showing signs of ageing. The fibers have an intrinsic resilience and are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, thanks to wool's natural crimp, which enable "bounce back".

Wool rugs have low maintenance - One of the benefits of the wool rugs is that they are low-maintenance. With a light weekly vacuuming, your wool rug is good to go! Wool rugs initially sheds few fibers in the beginning, with regular vacuuming this 'shedding effect' fades, leaving your rug in a better condition. A wool rug is naturally stain-resistant due to the fibre coating known as lanolin which protects the wool from dirt.

Wool rugs are environment friendly - The key benefit of a wool fibre is that it is sustainable because it is produced by sheep's which are reared once a year, allowing them time to regrow their wool without putting any stress on them. Being a natural material, wool rugs are definitely the most environment friendly rug you could own! Wool is also naturally renewable and bio-degradable which means wool rugs last longer but they are also safer for environment is they are disposed of.

Wool rugs are hypoallergenic - Wool rugs are naturally hypoallergenic, trapping dust spores and allergens where they can be efficiently vacuumed up later rather than floating freely in the atmosphere of your room. This is due to the tiny pockets within the wool fibre that hides dust, pollen and fungal spores, keeping them out of your breathing space and sneeze free.

Wool Rugs are flame resistant - Wool fibers are naturally flame resistant which means it catches fire at higher temperature than any other fabric and has the ability to self-extinguish once the source of the fire is taken away.

Wool Rugs are stain and fade resistant - Wool rugs have 30% higher chance of resisting stains as compared to other synthetic fibers, due to the natural light lanolin coating on the surface of wool fibers which prevents dirt and stains from penetrating deeply. Wool rugs are fade resistant unless exposed to direct sunlight.

Wool rugs are luxurious, with unmatchable comfort - One of the main and utmost important benefit of wool rug is its luxuriousness and plush comfort. The density of the wool rugs makes them a cocoon of comfort hence a must have material for your home. Wool rugs continue to offer enviable style, comfort and durability making them the most long term and cost effective choice of rug compared to any other material.

If you are looking for unmatchable comfort and exquisiteness, a wool rug is your go to! With a number of benefits, wool rug definitely tops the chart of best rugs available.