CSR Policy

The Rug Shop CSR PolicyIt means Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our aim is to take an active role in the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. Following this policy we’ll be able to help build a sustainable way of life to those sections of society most in need.  

Honesty and accountability

We take responsibility for our working practices as we aim to be socially and environmentally ethical. We will regularly make clear our policies and aims to our business partners, with sustainability at the heart of the agenda.

Hand Made Rugs

Hand knotting is considered as the most suitable way to weave a rug or carpet in terms of quality, and the skill needed to weave a beautiful rug takes time and effort. We always ensure that all our handmade rugs are made without the use of unethical labour and that the weavers are paid appropriate wages. 

Sustainable progress

Every step we take in developing our business will take sustainability into account, with the option with the least impact on the environment and most sustainable the more likely option to be chosen. We don’t just see this as a business but also as a means to help others.  

Long term relationships

It is our aim to have good working relationships with the companies operating with The Rug Shop UK, whilst also giving smaller and local businesses a chance to develop with us.  Our final goal is to have a brilliant working environment within The Rug Shop UK leading to happy colleagues which can then translate to developing long term relationships with our customers, keeping them happy, all of which will ensure that The Rug Shop UK and the people associated with it have a bright future.

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