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Established in 1968, ITC are proud to be market leader in hand woven luxury rugs and carpets. Be it hand-tufted and woven products or products of sea grass, coir, wool, viscose and sisal, ITC is one of the market leaders in the fields of natural carpets. Our Products from ITC are rigorously favoured by Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors and residential customers alike as they offer an extensive portfolio of innovative, stylish and practical products. The luxury rugs offered by ITC can be placed in hotels, offices, penthouses and stores worldwide.

Rugs furnished by ITC are available in ample of design schemes, vibrant colours and distinct sizes.

ITC Rugs are classified into different categories which they have as mentioned below:

1. Budget Rug Collection by ITC. An awesome blend of price and quality is offered by this collection. An affordable shabby chic style is offered to you by Paris Range in nine distinct yet captivating colours. A traditionally beautiful design from Retro Range which brings a vintage elegance to your home or a contemporary appeal of Lima Range, now you can have budget friendly ITC rugs in an array of design and colours and add stylish flair to your home.

2. New Rug Collection by ITC. With delicately striking yet soft pastel shades woven with uber comfy and silky wool fibers, a delicate luxury and comfort is bestowed upon your living space. Captivating textures, extravagant design schemes and hand-tufting techniques bring a luxurious and comforting aura to your living space.

3. Plain Rugs Collection by ITC. Plain rugs offered by ITC are available in many ranges. From sumptuous heavy weight hand-tufted rugs to uniquely textured machine made rugs, from 100% pure wool to a mix of viscose and wool, the plain rugs are available in many ranges and promises to add a contemporary flair to your home.

4. Shaggy Rug Collection by ITC. Shaggy rug is popular and fun, made from pure wool, chunky felt wool pile and synthetics, in contemporary patterns and single colors. Our shaggy rugs have the wonderful “toe-caress” feeling of soft, long filaments tangling with toes and cushioning feet.

5. Textured Rug Collection by ITC. The rugs from this extravagant collection ranges from hand-carved wood rug in form of a three dimensional rocks n stones pattern or hand-woven abstract design, in an array of modern and soothing colour palette.

6. Traditional Rug Collection by ITC. The rugs from this fascinating collection offer a 100% antique hand-knotted rugs or intricately beautiful 100% Cotton rugs. These rugs bestow your home with an elegant vintage look.

7. Luxury Rug Collection by ITC. An extravagant and luxurious collection, offers ranges from hand-woven to machine made rugs and use materials such as viscose, wool, rayon, faux silk or polyester. The luxury rugs promise to bring incredible comfort and immense visual appeal to your home.

Within all the different collections mentioned above we have below mentioned ranges:

1. Beaune Rug Range by ITC. Simply Striped yet Plain. These rugs are made using a blend of Viscose and Wool, which accounts for its supple softness and luxury.

2. Catania Rug Range by ITC. Simply graceful plain design in amalgamation with soft pastel yet contemporary shades. Machine woven from 100% Wool, these rugs offer an air of modernity for your home.

3. Elegance Rug Range by ITC. Luxurious and simply graceful! This range offers a hand-tufted beauty fabricated from 100% Rayon in striking colour palette. Bring a stylish flair to your home with elegance rugs.

4. Gaudi Rug Range by ITC. Colorfully striking and sophisticatedly simple! The rugs from this range offer a stunning abstract design in a plethora of flamboyant colors. Handmade from Viscose, these rugs bestow your home with modern appeal.

5. Lisboa Rug Range by ITC. Lisboa is a luxurious Wool and Viscose blend, hand-tufted collection. This contemporary design range offers style, charisma and incredible comfort as well.

6. Monaco Rug Range by ITC. Ultra-stylish and Uber-soft! Monaco rugs offer a luxurious and glamorous collection of some shabby chic rugs. Made from faux silk, the supple soft surface of these rugs makes them a must have.

7. Paris Rug Range by ITC. A luxurious hand-tufted polyester collection. These hand-tufted rugs in captivating and vibrant shades promise to bring style and outstanding value to your home.

8. Retro Rug Range by ITC. This range offers a classic outtake on an oriental design. The traditionally classic design in amalgamation with cool and crisp colour palette in 100% cotton.

9. Safira Rug Range by ITC. Safira is a luxurious, hand-tufted, felted wool collection. The soft color shades and supple yet incredibly soft surface promise to bring style, chic and aesthetic quality to your home.

10. Velvet Rug Range by ITC. Velvet is a contemporary and striking collection of machine made silk designer rugs. The modern yet classy colour scheme in combination with plain abstract pattern brings outstanding value, quality, style and chic to your home.

Beaune Rugs are handmade from a blend of 50% wool and 50% viscose. The blended yarn is put through a felting process to make a chunky, soft but strong rope like yarn. The yarn is then woven in a plait like formation weaving the plaits through the base of the rug. A secondary cotton cloth backing is then bonded the base of each rug. Slight colour tints are added to each rug to add character and uniqueness. Bring home a Beaune Rug now and bestow your home with stylish elegance.
Incredibly Stylish and Chic! Our Bristol Rugs Collection by ITC is an interesting way to bring style and modernity to your living space. The raised ribbed effect design in natural colours creates a fashionable look. This wonderful rugs create an oasis of comfort and luxury due to its soft textured surface
The Cantania Rug Collection by ITC is a selection of some trendy and hip designer rugs. It features an amalgamation of super soft texture and surface, a soothing colour palette and timeless elegance. These rugs promises great comfort underfoot with ample of visual appeal. Constructed from Wool, these rugs are an epitome of high durability and easy maintenance.
The Cobble Rug Collection by ITC features a selection of some super modern and trendy designer rugs. The contemporary design of the luxury Cobble carpet makes this a perfect choice for style and durability. Fabricated by hand using 100% pure felted wool, these rugs use high quality craftsmanship in their making which in turn makes them an instant head-turner for your home.
Elegance Rugs by ITC feels like Luxury at your feet and feels like velour. The sumptuous pile and soft texture of these rugs exude timeless elegance to your home and bestows it with modern and contemporary ambience. These rugs not only provide ample of visual appeal but brings incredible comfort underfoot. Handmade from Viscose, these rugs exude high quality craftsmanship and become an instant eye-catcher for your home.
Gracefully simple and extravagantly luxurious! These rugs feature an amalgamation of an array of soothing and warm colours, plain yet sophisticated design scheme and a luxurious and supple surface texture. These rugs bestow your home with a lustrous sheen giving off a shimmery look to your living space. Fabricated by hand, these rugs are made using Viscose and exude high quality craftsmanship.
Vibrant and Flamboyant! The Gaudi Rugs Collection by ITC is a selection of some colourful and hip designer rugs. This range features multi-coloured, hand-knotted viscose rugs that are vibrant and dramatic in their design and colours. The sheer luxuriousness, shine and beautiful handling, will create a stunning statement piece for your home.
The Lima Rug collection by ITC is a selection of trendy and chic designer rugs. It features an amalgamation of simply bordered design, soothing color palette and immense amount of comfort and visual appeal. Fabricated from Jute and Polypropylene makes these rug an epitome of durability and robustness. Bring home a Lima Rug now and bestow a gracious charm to your living space.
Lisboa is a highly fashionable design from ITC Luxury Flooring. The rope-like weave and texture are reminiscent of this rustic yet picturesque region of Portugal. Lisboa is handmade in India from wool and viscose; the fibers are blended, then put through a felting process and woven into the base to create this deep, soft pile rug. The subtle colour palette complements the stylish, contemporary look of this deep-pile felted collection.
Classy yet Modern! The Melbourne Rug Collection by ITC is an assortment of some trendy and ultra-stylish designer rugs. They bring an aura of timeless elegance and bring a sophisticated grace to your home. These rugs feature an amalgamation of soft and plush surface texture, soothing color schemes and a unique stylish flair. Handmade from 100% wool, these rugs exude high quality craftsmanship.
Our Monaco Rugs Collection by ITC is a selection of Ultimate Luxury Carpets. These timeless beauties have unique features such as lustrous surface texture, uber-soft quality, non-shedding and stain resistance. Constructed using faux silk these rugs exude a super soft and a shiny luster which makes your home appear glamorous and extravagant.
The Newton Rug Collection by ITC is a selection of colourful choice of carpets edging for a sparkling new look. Featuring simply bordered design and a soothing yet neutral color scheme, these rugs become an epitome of elegance and grace. Made using an intriguing blend of viscose and wool, these rugs use high quality of workmanship and bestow your home with modernity and class.
Our Paris Rug collection by ITC brings to your home a comforting and relaxing aura. These rugs with a plush shaggy surface provide ample of comfort underfoot with a deep "toe-caress" feeling of soft, long filaments tangling with toes and cushioning feet. Its beautiful appearance integrates easily into any modern interior. These wonderful carpets made of polyester create a comfortable oasis, without stealing the show the individual taste of living
Vivid in colors with interesting abstract design scheme, this Picasso Rug Collection by ITC becomes a must have for your living space. A fabulous hand knotted bamboo rug which is durable and non-shedding. An inspired work of art for your floors. These rugs are hand made using high quality craftsmanship and becomes an instant eye-catcher for your home.
The Retro Rug Collection by ITC blends traditional Oriental design with a modern, neutral palette to work in virtually any space. These rugs bring an ambience of elegance and classiness and give your home a look of timeless beauty. Constructed using cotton fibers, these rugs exude high level of workmanship and become an instant eye-catcher for your home.
This unique yet intriguing Rocks & Stone Rugs Collection by ITC features an exclusive selection of designer rugs. The surface resembles those of a stone bed but not in texture of course! The thick wool shags fabricated in shapes of rocks and stones make these rugs exude a unique charisma to your living space. Hand made using 100% pure felted wool, these rug use high quality craftsmanship in their making.
The Safira Rugs Collection by ITC is an interesting amalgamation of simple yet intriguing designs, a soothing color palette and timeless elegance and classiness. The knitted appearance of the Safira carpet is enhanced with the contemporary styling of the exposed co-ordinated edging. Handmade from 100% wool, these rugs exude high quality craftsmanship and instantly become an eye-catcher for your home.
Our Sofia Rug Collection by ITC is an assortment of uber-soft and ultra-stylish designer rugs. Be it incredible plush surface, unimaginable comfort or soothing color and design scheme, these rugs have it all. Placing them in your home means bring incredible amount of style and comfort to your home right away. Handmade from 100% polyester, these rugs exude high quality craftsmanship and bestow your home with timeless elegance.
Incredibly Luxurious and Extravagant! Our Velvet Rug Collection by ITC promises to bring a shiny luster and a fine elegance to your living space. Banana silk is the fiber made from the wood pulp of the banana plant and is an eco-friendly fiber. For sheer luxury and appearance, this beautiful banana silk rug feels like the softest of velvets.
Our Vintage Rug Collection by ITC is a selection of ultra-stylish and elegant designer rugs. These 100% antique hand-knotted rugs can be a perfect home décor accessory for you if you can experiment with naïve and abstract designs. Anti-fade and stain-resistant these rugs are easy to maintain.
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