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Ultimate Rug Company Ltd, as the name suggests itself is “Ultimate” in every sense as far as rugs and home furnishing accessories are concerned.

A rich legacy of more than 20 years in the flooring industry especially in rugs has so much to deliver to its customers. More than sixty ranges of rugs would completely satisfy all your home revamp fantasies giving your home a transformed look in a jiffy.

Currently the company has partnerships in India, China, Turkey, Belgium and UK which it aims to strengthen further in terms of excellent delivery service along with manufacturing high quality rugs all year round.


Fashionable yesteryears handwoven shags are once again here to astonish you with their luxurious fluffy non-shedding fibres. Really Embassy range has so much to offer with its polyester designer pile that’s available in natural and trendy colours of lime, beige, aubergine, black, teal, ivory, red and chocolate.


Thick, heavy polyester in multi yarn to create a buzz in any room, Apollo range of shaggy rugs can be your treasured possession. Handwoven pure polyester pile comes in natural shades of teal, champagne, anthra, chocolate and steel so that very second you decide to have a cosy ambience around yourself give Apollo a thought.


It’s not a rug, its work of art!

Really, you’ll be astonished to see the Sparkle range of shaggy rugs that can instantly glitter your ambience with its contemporary shiny colours of silver, fuchsia, plum, lime green, blue, taupe, aubergine, cream, chocolate and red. Handwoven pure polyester pile of these rugs can be bought without second thought that would complement your modern décor very well.


Handwoven high pile, polyester designer Shimmer shaggy rugs can instantly transform your room’s looks into a cosy haven where you can relax for a bit. Available in natural and fashion colours of black, choc, lime, aubergine, beige, teal and red these rugs certainly deserve a place in your dream abode


Luxurious cosy ambience on your mind! It’s the time to give your nod to a super soft, high pile, double textured rug range christened as Veronica. Umpteen dynamic, vibrant and modern shades of teal, lime, black, red, fuchsia, taupe, aubergine, blue, cream, plum, silver and choc will instantly multiply the charm of your interiors. Handwoven with pure polyester fibres these rugs are durable and easy to maintain as well.


Wow what a soft texture! It’s all about Balotelli range of luxurious and cosy rugs that are available in different hues of beige, choc, brown, blue, heather, red, lime, orange, pink, purple and cream. Handwoven with pure polyester pile these rugs are anti-fade, stain-resistant, non-shedding and affordable.

Royal Balotelli

You simply cannot run away from the temptation of buying Royal Balotelli. It’s a challenge. Without any frills and fancies these elegant rugs will give a revamp to your interiors in a jiffy. Its soft and luxurious pile is handwoven with pure polyester fibres that mean you get a durable and non-shedding rug for your home at affordable prices. Order today an array of rugs that are available in gorgeous striped and blocked patterns.


Ultimate high pile of thick heavy wool in fashionable and natural tones is all set to rock your interiors. Yes, get Rocky designer rigs for complete comfort and toe pleasing pleasure. These lovely hand woven floor covers have anti-fade, non-shedding and stain-resistant fibres which are easy to maintain and quite affordable.


A high density, soft pile shaggy rug in natural, earthy tones in the form of Lagos can be your treasured possession if you want to invite serenity without spending a fortune.

Handwoven pure wool fibres are environment friendly so you don’t have to worry about their maintenance every now and then. Umpteen earthy shades of taupe, choc and beige can add instant cosiness. With added features like anti-fade and stain-resistance it becomes a must have for your interiors.


So it’s the time for renovation of your interiors but you prefer earthy shades. Dakota rugs can fulfill all your desires. Durable, heavy weight, hand tufted rugs in natural colours have anti-fade, stain-resistant and non-shedding wool fibres so they need very little care and you get a long lasting floor covers for your interiors available in brown, black, ivory, chocolate, taupe and beige.


Durable, handtufted and heavy weight Pebble rugs are available in a variety of natural colours like grey, choc, teal, beige, lime and plum. These unconventional looking rugs give the impression as if stones are dispersed on the ground. Pure wool made these rugs are anti-fade, stain-resistant and easy to maintain.


Even without any special patterns Structure range of rugs have the ability to accentuate your interiors with its plain border design. Deep pure wool pile of these rugs has anti-fade, stain-resistant and durable fibres which can be cleaned easily. These versatile plain rugs are available in blue, plum, chocolate, burgundy, beige, charcoal, cream and lime so you have got an array of soft and bold colours to choose from.


Meridan Collection is a stripe designed range in luxurious deep pure wool pile having anti-fade, stain-resistant and easy to maintain fibres. Ideal for contemporary homes these rugs would suit the traditional as well as ornate interiors as well.

 Floral Art Natural

Captivating Floral Art Naturals Collection is a natural toned range of modern designs in luxurious deep pure wool pile. Gorgeous looking bold floral patterns can instantly enliven your room with its unparalleled charm. Anti-fade, stain-resistant and easy to maintain these rugs perfectly demonstrate exemplary work of art. These rugs are available in soothing colours of oatmeal, choc, barley and ivory.

 Floral Art

Floral Art is a colourful range of modern designs in luxurious deep pure wool pile that can easily accentuate the looks of your living spaces in a jiffy. Available in a variety of natural and vibrant colours of grey, red, cream, black, plum, teal, choc, beige, green, lime, aubergine, fuchsia, charcoal and silver these versatile rugs are well known for anti-fade and stain-resistant fibres which are easy to clean.


Handtufted pure wool rug, individually carved with traditional floral designs, Regal range of rugs can give your home a palatial look full of grandeur. These rugs are available in a number of eye pleasing shades like beige, ivory, green, red and choc so you’ve got a wide variety of colours to choose from. Stain-resistant, anti-fade and durable fibres of these rugs are easy to clean and maintain.

 Unique kids

Amazing thoughtful and playful kids themes that will keep your kids engaged are the appealing factors of Unique Kids rugs which are made from pure wool. Vibrant collection of kids luxury rugs with anti-fade and stain-resistance features becomes a must have for your kids room.


A modern collection of attractive floral designs and eye catching colours in Aspire range of rugs can add a contemporary look to any living space. Handwoven with polyester acrylic fibres these anti-fade and stain-resistant rugs certainly deserve a place in your interiors. These rugs are available in black plum, choc green, choc plum, black grey, choc blue, black green, cream blue, cream plum, cream green and cream pink blends which are eye soothing as well.


Modern collection of attractive vine designs, unpretentious striped patterns and abstract motifs populate Landmark range of rugs that can add a contemporary look to any living space. Available in a number of natural, earthy and vibrant shades like choc, green, red, black, ivory and gold these handwoven rugs are well known for their polyester acrylic fibres which are anti-fade and stain-resistant.


Thick, luxurious heatset polypropylene made Lifestyle shaggy rugs can be brought for giving a contemporary look to any living space. These anti-fade, stain-resistant and non-shedding fibres are also well known for its soft and luxurious texture which is easy to maintain as well. You’ll find these rugs in variety of soft and vibrant colours like beige, aubergine, chocolate, mink, black, red and ivory.

Lifestyle multi

A modern collection in thick, luxurious heatset shaggy, adding a contemporary look to any living space Lifestyle multi can do a makeover wherever it is placed in your interiors. Full circle surrounded with half circles, although there’s no special work of art but yes its vibrant colours with cosy pile can provide extra warmth at an unbelievably affordable price. Red, aubergine, chocolate, ivory, mink and grey whatever your choice is you can get them delivered at your home.


A modern designer shaggy collection in thick, luxurious heatset polypropylene, bringing a focal point to a contemporary room Sienna can be your treasured possession when you decide to revamp your interiors. Eye soothing earthy shades blended with artistic contrasting ripples, stripes along with captivating floral patterns these amazing floor covers can renovate your home in a jiffy. All the floor covers are well known for their anti-fade and stain-resistant fibres which are easy to maintain as well.

Ultimate Comfort

A high pile, heatset polypropylene shaggy in exquisite modern, natural and fashion colours Ultimate Comfort range of rugs can be there in your wish list. A galaxy of vibrant and eye soothing colours like lime, latte, ivory, aubergine, duckegg, choc, red, silver, black, pink, gold and orange are there to choose so the moment you decide to invite cosiness in your home, order any of these anti-fade and stain-resistant rugs online which are also available in circular shapes.

 Mont Blanc

Deep pile, heatset Mont Blanc shaggy rugs are available in a blend of natural colours to give your interiors ultimate warmth without spending a fortune. Polypropylene made these floor covers are populated with innovative geometrical patterns and abstract designs along with swirls that will mingle well with all types of traditional or contemporary interiors. Anti-fade, stain-resistant and non-shedding these designer rugs can redefine the looks of your home at incredibly low prices.


You visualize, they’ll deliver! Really captivating and luxurious designer Retro rugs have everything what you can expect from a high quality shaggy floor cover. Be it fashionable in trend colours or a combo of bright and light hues you’ll get everything you longed for. Modern designs of stripes, swirls and geometrical patterns that populate them would give a long lasting impression on the onlookers. Anti-fade, stain-resistant and non-shedding colourful polypropylene fibres are easy to maintain and quite durable.


Heavy heatset, individually handcarved collection of Rapello range of rugs is inspired by nature. So when your interiors need a revamp you can order these floor covers that are populated with captivating floral imprints, abstract spirals and gorgeous bordered patterns. There’s a wide variety of colours to choose from. Moreover, their anti-fade, stain-resistant and non-shedding fibres are easy to maintain so they become must haves for enhancing the looks of your home décor.


Polo is a heatset collection of rugs that would complement modern interiors amazingly. Populated with monochrome spiral and abstract designs these rugs can be used to instantly renovate your home. Stain-resistant, anti-fade and mothproof polypropylene fibres make these rugs extremely durable and easy to maintain.


Heavy heatset, ribbed effect collection of modern designs in contemporary colours make Luxury the talk of town. Ideal for hardwood floors as well as laminated floors these floor covers can provide your room with unparalleled elegance. Stain-resistant, anti-fade and easy to maintain these floor covers are available in umpteen captivating and eye soothing colours.


Traditional floral designs and medallions that suit all types of interiors are the appealing factor behind the grand looking Vintage rugs. Heavy heatset polypropylene fibres used in making them are durable, anti-fade, stain-resistant and water repellant so you need not worry about their maintenance every now and then.


Incredible work of art in the form of traditional, elaborate floral designs in super soft heatset Imperial rugs can instantly decorate your interiors with their unparalleled charm and grandeur. Available in captivating colours these rugs have anti-fade, stain-resistant and water repellant fibres which are durable and easy to maintain as well.


Authentic, high quality Afghan rugs have traditional floral motifs and medallions along with an extremely dense, soft pile that can entirely transform your room’s looks from regular to grand. So when you wish to infuse splendour in your home you can order these rugs which are made with anti-fade, stain-resistant and water repellant polypropylene fibres.

Modern Poly

Bright and fresh, modern floral imprints, abstract curls and geometrical patterns of Modern Poly are designed to suit a modern living space. Polypropylene fibres make these inexpensive floor covers durable, anti-fade, stain-resistant and easy to maintain as well.

Novelty Poly

Pictorial designs of Novelty Poly can create a focal point to both living and work space. Whether they are innovative playing cards, flags or soccer balls – all are equally qualified to provide an instant revamp to your floors. Anti-fade, stain-resistant and extremely durable polypropylene fibres can be maintained easily without any extra efforts.

Traditional Poly

Really classic, these floral designs and medallions over Traditional Poly rugs can give a palatial look to your interiors. Made from polypropylene fibres these rugs are well known for their stain-resistance, anti-fade and water repellant characteristics.

Themed Poly

Unconventional and exciting range of postcard inspired designs can be seen over Themed Poly rugs that can be placed in your living rooms or study for achieving that classic vintage look. Of course their polypropylene fibres make them a long lasting floor covers which are anti-fade and stain-resistant as well.

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