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    Designer Sliver Abstract Wool Rug - Bespoke Size
    ID : JR0336
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    Hand Knotted Luxury Silk Wool Rug in Silver Gold - Bespoke Size Rug
    ID : JR0201
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    Hand Knotted Luxury Modern Wool Silk Rug in Grey Silver - Custom Size Rug
    ID : JR0203
  4. New
    Hand Knotted Luxury White Silver Abstract Wool Rug - Custom Made Rugs
    ID : JR0215
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    Designer Hand Tufted Grey Floral Wool Rug - Bespoke Size
    ID : JR0317
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    Blue Designer Floral Wool Rug - Bespoke Size Rug
    ID : JR0324
  7. New
    Black Floral Hand Tufted Designer Wool Rug - Custom Rug
    ID : JR0338
  8. New
    Luxurious Hand Knotted Wool Rug in Silver Terra- Custom Rug
    ID : JR0248
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    Designer Abstract Bordered Slik Wool Rug in Crystal Grey - Custom Size Rug
    ID : JR0242
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Silver Rugs

Designers use silver rugs because they are neutral and help create sophisticated and rooted themes. Silver is a great neutral hue that you can use as a base for other design elements. It can be used everywhere, from ultra-modern lofts to slick factory pad abodes and wherever in between. Silver can be used in a variety of settings and styles.

Silver rugs and white rugs are perfect for a bedroom, den, or reading corner. The modern Silver rugs style uses highlights and reflections to make silver yarn seem metallic. Our rugs are more comfortable and long-lasting compared to other mats. If you have a lot of bright furniture and accessories, try our silver rugs instead.

Silver rugs complement the main aesthetic of neutral-coloured restrooms as ideal bathroom rugs, such as those seen in modern and industrial settings. Combine it with a silver curtain in a complementary hue, such as teal, blue, or purple. Try laying down a silver rug to break up an all-white dining or living area and inject some luxurious colour.

The intrusion of silver carpets works harmoniously, and you can discover some magnificent designs that make the most of this contrast. Silver rugs often seem grey unless the yarn is made of metallic strands. In addition, grey is often misunderstood as being uninteresting. Grey and silver are two of the most versatile hues when decorating a home. They are reliable, and everyone who appreciates them knows they can compete with any other palette.

Silver rugs can complement almost every design scheme or colour scheme. Our machine-washable silver rugs are the perfect way to bring a touch of simple elegance to any room, whether you like silver or varying hues of grey. Rugs in silver and grey are neutral enough to fade into the backdrop, highlighting the patterns and colours they match. A machine-washable design exists for everyone, from those who like mild and moderate greys to those who prefer bolder colours and patterns.

Silver rugs are timeless and stylish, and they complement any design scheme. Try a Silver rug with a striking design for a contemporary feel. Silver rugs with stunning patterns are great for a more sophisticated setting. Be sure to maintain a neat appearance. If you buy one of our silver rugs, you won't ever have to bother about stains or tracked dirt since they are resistant to water and colours, and you can wash them in the washing machine. They get washed out in one swipe.

Try combining Silver rug with some other neutrals like brown, beige, or white for a laid-back, minimalist look. You can create a relaxing atmosphere by placing a light silver rug as your bedroom rug. Pops of light green, pink, and dark blue set off a silver or grey carpeting to create a contemporary, chic atmosphere.

To create a soothing monochromatic aesthetic, combine our silver rug with different tones of grey. Modern and stylish, a kitchen with silver carpeting can provide the visual appeal that an all-white kitchen lacks. Combine it with a marbled kitchen island and grey cupboards for a sleek, unified effect. Also, do check out our premium range of black rugs, if you want a complementary colour shade for your house scheme.

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