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One popular style of choosing an area rug is either to choose a matching or a contrasting colour. Having said that, many a times we are still not satisfied with the exact colour which we need. Nature print rugs tend to shift the focus from colour to visual aesthetics. When we talk about nature print, we are trying to focus on an elegant look which is achieved without disturbing the natural colour scheme of the room. Generally you will find that nature print rugs are subdued in terms of colour combination. If you do not want to splash up your home decor with a lot of colour and want simple yet elegant and calming effect, then choosing a nature print rug could be the ideal choice.

We at www.therugshopuk.co.uk have the best rugs which are available in nature print and their complimenting colour tones. Choose from the wide range of designs and patterns which give you a feeling of contentment. You will not be disappointed with your choice as we offer the best rugs at unbelievable prices. A natural print rug made out of natural fibres like wool will bring a soothing effect in your living space during winters. If you need some minimalistic colour toning of your room then go for the nature print rugs made out of synthetic fibres. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your house which compliments wooden flooring, then keeping a nature print rug in the same colour tones will make the room look more beautiful.

Generally, we have our sofas in plain colour tones and the best tip on buying a rug is to match your rug colour and design to your sofa set. Having a nature print rug kept next to a lighter shade sofa will uplift the entire ambience of your room setting. Patterns within nature print rugs are as varied today as the shape and size. If you are using the rug to provide the benefits of a rug without commanding all the attention in the space, the colour and pattern you choose should lean toward more subdued. Nature rugs will help you achieve just that. A simple rug buying tip is that think about the other patterns that will exist within the space. If the fabric found on the furnishings includes defined patterns or motifs, the pattern or motif of the rug should complement and not compete.

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