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Optical / (3D)

You will rarely find anyone who is not a fan of optical illusions. Especially kids love it. Optical 3D rugs are intriguing pieces of home décor which are bound to fascinate our senses. The right mix of colours in an optical illusion pattern creates a rug which is bound to gain attention in your house. There are various shapes and designs available in our 3D optic rugs range. Generally you will find that these rugs have high and low cut pile which brings out the illusion effect. We have floral patterns for people who like floral designs on rugs and we also have geometric patterns designed in a 3D effect optical illusion rug for the modern home décor. 3D rugs are a perfect addition for any quirky home décor.

There is nothing which is plain and boring about 3D rugs. Every aspect of these optical illusion rugs is extravagant, unique and over the top. Everyone chooses the same old conventional old plain rugs and if you want the look of your room and living spaces to be different then buying a 3D design rug is the best alternative. These rugs have a very discerning taste & they’re the type of rug that gets noticed & will set your home apart for the rest. Within our range you have the rugs which are hand-tufted using natural materials such as wool & silk. Each rug is completely customizable in terms of the size & the colour, which means that you can order it to suit your decor.

These rugs tend to add a unique effect to any room. We have 3D rugs to suit anybody’s personal taste and style. Right from modern to contemporary to traditional and kiddie stuff. Our 3D rug range also offers a luxurious range, which is ideal to uplift the ambience of your living room or dining area. These 3D rugs create a distinctive look which cannot be ignored. Having one in your space will make your home décor different and unique in style. So if you want to be a trend setter then get one today. We have the best quality 3D rugs available at cheap prices, which you will not find anywhere else online. Visit our other sections and you will surely find a complimenting runner rug to go along with your rug choice. If you are looking for a particular shape like a circle or a half moon then we have that as well.

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