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A striped pattern in general is a very versatile. Whether you use stripes in a traditional way or combine them with a modern design, a striped area rug will lend a lot of accent to your home decoration efforts. Striped rugs, depending on how they are used with other home accessories can help in reshaping the room. They add a very crisp and polished element to a living space. The unique quality of striped rugs is that they blend well with floral, solids and various other patterns hence can be used anywhere you like.

A striped rug in different color combination will provide a different feel. A striped rug which is in single color but with different tones adds elegance to a living space. On the other hand, a striped rug with bright and bold color combination adds a pinch of funky wildness. If you are looking to lend a classic look to your home décor then choose a striped rug which has the stripes in same width. Moreover, if you wish to have a modern accent then goes for a rug which has uneven stripes resulting in an attractive abstract geometric pattern.

Our striped rugs range offers you the best of both worlds. We have stripes in traditional as well as modern color and pattern combinations. Choose vertical stripes to create an illusion of height. Vertical striped rugs make ceilings appear a bit higher. Horizontal stripes make the room look wider and creating an illusion of extra space in smaller rooms. While selecting a striped rug, avoid patterns with color clashing. Striped rugs are bold enough to create an impact by themselves. Striped rugs will be the best addition when your rest of the room is not very design heavy and filled with solid furnishings. If you have striped walls then striped rugs are a great addition.

If you rooms are big then choose a striped rug which has wide stripes. Think striped rugs in a large room will look much cluttered. We offer all types of striped rugs in different sizes and patterns to suit your individual taste and personal style. A striped rug in single color tone made out of wool looks very elegant and luxurious. A striped rug in dark color tones made out of synthetic fibers like polypropylene is best for your dining area and kitchen. Our striped rugs are the cheapest you will find anywhere else.

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