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A rug isn't just a pretty piece of art for your home; it also serves the important role of making your home more cozy and comfortable. According to our dictionary, the word ‘Scion’ has two meanings: ‘a young shoot or twig’ or ‘the descendent of a notable family’. It’s the perfect name for an energetic new brand that burst onto the scene in 2012 as the newest member of the Harlequin family. When designs are this good you can’t keep them to yourself. So alongside our own fabric and wallpaper collections, we have also partnered with specialist manufacturers who produce Scion products under license. Today you’ll find Mr Fox, his new friend Spike and many other Scion designs popping up on bed linen, rugs, towels, tableware and bathroom accessories. Place them in your living room under the coffee table and pair them up with trendy accessories or use them as a bedside rug in your bedroom, these magnificent rugs are sure to bring a timeless comfortable appeal to your home. These utterly beguiling rugs are fabricated from high quality material which makes them highly durable, immensely soft, utterly comfortable, robust and easy to maintain.

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