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Serving for more than 30 years, Theko brings to you an exclusive collection of timelessly beautiful and elegantly modern rugs. The Theko Keller GmbH is a family-run business, which is rich of traditions. Be it traditional design or lively-looking modern rugs, skillful craftsmanship and highest quality standards marks these rugs making them exude timeless elegance. Theko offers traditional handmade rugs made according to centuries-old traditions of ancient nomadic cultures. Be it traditional, modern, plain, shaggy or abstract design rugs, Theko offers a wide range of rugs which are made using intricate design, typical patterns and highest quality fabrics.

Alessia Shaggy Rug Collection by Theko. Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with an Alessia Shaggy rug and rest will fall into place! Now the shaggy rug is popular and fun, made from synthetics, in plain pattern and single colors. Our shaggy rugs have the wonderful "toe-caress" feeling of soft, long filaments tangling with toes and cushioning feet. Be it indoors or out, give a modern look to your home with this chic rug.
Anna Maria Rug Collection by Theko. Style your space from the ground up. Whether you want to add warmth to a room or highlight a unique décor item, an elegant, well-chosen Anna Maria Rug is just what you need. Be it scene-stealing graphics, trendy geometrics, intricate floral bordered or classy abstracts; these rug have it all. Be it indoors or out, these rugs will accentuate all kind of surroundings. Fabricated from microfibers, these rugs exude high durability, resilience, comfort and they are easy to clean.
Brado Rug Collection by Theko. Our home should be life giving and soul refreshing. A soft spot to land on a hard day and a beautiful place to recharge and rejuvenate! The Brado Rug Collection provides just that. The plain design accentuated with a border, makes this rug stylishly sophisticated. Be it indoors or out, these rugs will mesh with all kinds of surrounding. 100% Polypropylene used in making these rugs contribute towards its durability, resilience and comfort.
Classic Rug Collection by Theko. Classic outtake on an oriental design. This rug blends traditional Oriental design with a modern, neutral palette to work in virtually any space. Wide diversities of designs are available in this collection for you to choose from. If you're looking to give your home a trendy yet classy makeover, this is your go to. Fibers such as Polyamide, Wool, Wool Silk, Poly propylene are used to create the diverse and captivating rug collection.
Deluxe Rug Collection by Theko. For these rugs- its comfort first, comfort last, comfort always! Give your home a stylish makeover with this trendy and chic deluxe rug collection. A vintage look is bestowed upon these rugs due to a unique Rib-Eye Technology. The robust and premium quality virgin Tibetan wool makes it durable and easy to maintain, making it a must have for every interior décor enthusiast.
Fasa Rug Collection by Theko. A rug isn't just a pretty piece of art for your home; it also serves the important role of making your home more cozy and comfortable. A rug can dampen the noise of footsteps, provide a cushion between your feet and hard floors, and serve as the anchor for any arrangement of furniture. Be it scene-stealing abstracts, alluring stripes or captivating borders, the Fasa rug collection has it all. Fashioned from 100% Polyester, these rugs promise to exude durability, resilience and comfort.
Florentine Rug Collection by Theko. Nothing brings a room together quite like a pattern under your feet! The modern and sleek design patters featuring these rug make it a must have for every interior décor enthusiast. Pair it up with neutral furniture or trendy accessories, these rugs will accentuate all kind of surroundings. It comes in variety of designs, be it checkered patter, stripes or intricate geometrical pattern, these rugs has it all. Made up of Polypropylene, these rugs can endure heavy traffic areas of your home as they are sturdy and durable.
Giulia Shaggy Rug Collection by Theko. Rugs connect us to our space. They complete not only the room, but the way you feel in it! From plush shag pile to plain yet simply elegant design, these rugs radiates a charismatic aura to your home. The vibrant color palette of these rugs helps in transforming your home from drab to fab. Pair it up with neutral color furniture or colorful accessories, these rugs will definitely be an eye catcher for all spaces. The plush shaggy pile provides a cuddly feature to the rugs, making them comfortable and cozy.
Harmony Rug Collection by Theko. Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away! The perfect design patterns are the highlight of these rugs, making them a one of a kind. Rugs connect us to our space. They complete not only the room, but the way you feel in it. From rich, plush hand-loomed wools, to natural hand woven fibers, to durable smart new synthetics, the highest quality materials and construction methods are used throughout the Harmony Rug Collection. The result is a sophisticated and livable collection featuring many types of rugs in exclusive designs.
Kids Rug Collection by Theko. Punches of colors keep a room feeling youthful and engaging! Kids Rug Collection packs a vibrant and graphic punch for your kid's room, giving wings to a child's imaginations as well. The alluring graphical design and vibrant colour palette, makes its have. Made up of Poly acrylic fiber, these rugs are highly durable and robust; hence can be suitable for heavy traffic areas and to withstand playful shenanigans of your kids or pets. Plus. It's easy to clean.
Monia Rug Collection by Theko. Elegant, comfortable and beautifully tactile, a Monia Rug never goes out of style! Bestow upon your home a modernized and jazzy look, with these captivating and comfy rugs. The vibrant colour palette with contemporary designs, adds a certain charisma to your living space. The bold abstract pattern, enchanting geometrics or your every-day stripes; these rugs offers a variety of colours and design for you to choose from. Fashioned by the use of microfibers, these rugs are extremely durable and hard-wearing.
Natural Wool Rug Collection by Theko. Nothing brings a room together quite like a pattern under your feet! The simple design patterns featured in these rugs, does not take away the attention from your trendy interior décor. The surface has a dense pile, which provides more heat and a good insulation. Its beautiful appearance integrates easily into any modern interior. The wonderful carpet made of wool creates a comfortable oasis, without stealing the show the individual taste of living. These handmade captivating rugs are highly comfortable, durable and easy to clean.
Rissani Shaggy Rug Collection by Theko. Luxury and comfort are the two words that come to mind upon seeing these rugs. They not only provide luxurious comfort, but are also eye-appealing, bestowing your home with chic and glam. Comes in a vibrant colour palette, which will mesh well with all kind of surroundings. The thick shag piles add comfort and softness to the rug, giving it a cuddly feature. Made up of 100% polyester, these rugs are durable, robust, soft and easy to clean.
Rosetta Rug Collection by Theko. The truly innovative design, takes a room from drab to fab! The beautifully depicted graphical patterns are the highlights of these rugs. Not only are they eye-appealing, but also provide immense comfort under-foot. From colorful floral patterns to graphic depiction of cactuses to colorful stripes, these rugs offer a wide range to choose from. Fabricated from 100% polyester, these rugs are versatile, durable, robust, comfortable and easy to clean.
Vittoria Rug Collection by Theko. Your home should tell a story of, who you are and be a collection of what you love! Brighten up your living space with our Vittoria Rug Collection. An array of complex and intricate geometrical pattern is featured in these rugs. Liven up your living space, by placing a Vittoria rug either under your coffee table or bedside or your study. Made up of 100 % Polypropylene, these rugs exude high durability, resilience, comfort and they are easy to handle.
Young Fashion Rug Collection by Theko. Rugs are versatile. Rugs come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and constructions. A rug is a functional part of a room. Rugs serve to protect your floors, enhance design elements and diminish noise. Be it scene-stealing abstracts, bold geometrics, elegant plain design, fashionable stripes or captivating floral; this rug collection has it all. Fashioned from a variety of materials such as wool, cotton, polypropylene, these rugs are an exemplar of durability, resilience, comfort and sadness.
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