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polyester acrylic pile A modern collection of attractive, bold designs and colours that add a contemporary look to any living space.
100% heatset polypropylene Available in both floral, border and pattern designs, this new rug collection offers subtle refinement to your living areas.
handwoven 100% polyester pile A super soft, high pile, collection in attractive, modern shades.
The floral art natural collection is an ultimate range of rugs made from 100% soft wool. This range is completely naturally toned along with the assurance of colour fast. This collection will lend you great quality, different colours and eye-catching designs. There are three standard sizes available for this range with beautiful patterns over them for more attractive look.
100% handwoven wool pile shaggy.
100% wool pile A collection of contemporary floral themes in an array of different designs and colours.
100% heatset polypropylene A designer collection in soft heatset polypropylene pile. A brash, colourful fashion statement for a modern, room setting.
The fabulous Fusion Wool Rug by Ultimate Rug features a range of luxurious high quality modern rugs made from supreme quality wool that is cosy, soft and hard wearing. From exclusive to oriental to traditional, these rugs will cheer up even the most muted decorations. Comfy and opulent, these rugs are available in stunning abstract, geometric, stripped and floral patterns that will surely embellish your modern indoor. The perfect blend of colours available in various sizes will add comfort and excellent appearance to your living room.
100% heatset polyester Available in 5 natural tone options, this rug can add both a sense of warmth to a room while also creating a modern feel.
100% handwoven wool pile shaggy. Natural colour tones both stylish, soft and eye-catching for beautiful homes.
polyester acrylic pile A Landmark rug adds the perfect finishing touch to any room bringing an air of modern sophistication.
100% heatset polypropylene dense pile. Timeless, intricate and beautiful designs that will adorn any floor with a sense of regal elegance.
100% wool pile A simply stylish striped design available in a range of rich colour tones, transforming a plain décor into something striking.
100% heatset polypropylene Deep pile, heatset designer shaggy in modern and natural colours.
100% wool pile. A durable, heavy weight, handtufted rugin a variety of colours.
100% heatset carved polypropylene heatset designer rug in modern and natural themes heavy heatset, individually handcarved collection,inspired by nature in a range of colours and designs in a range of colours and designs
100% heatset polypropylene Designer shaggy in modern and natural colours perfect for either a livingroom, dining room or bedroom.
Handwoven 100% wool pile shaggy. Beside your living room fireplace, its super thick pile will envelope your feet, creating a relaxing haven.
Wool visose pile. Handmade with intricate detail, the soft pile materials combine to make a complimentary addition to any décor in the home.
100% heatset polypropylene A modern designer shaggy collection in thick, luxurious heatset, bringing a focal point to a contemporary room.
100% wool pile. Understated elegance combined with a contemporary feel makes Structure a good choice for any home décor.
100% heatset carved polypropylene Timeless classic designs in a soft heatset pile.
polypropylene pile A range of postcard inspired designs
100% heatset polypropylene A high pile, heatset shaggy in exquisite modern, natural and fashion colours.
100% wool pile Bold, attractive colours with a modern edge, that look striking in any children's room.
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