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Unique & abstract designs with a variety of colour variants.
Fun, lively and entertaining with a variety of bright and colourful animated pictures perfect for kids.
Lovely blend of warming shades to create a style quotient into your décor.
Large sized bubbles of premium wool stitched together to create this stunning Bali Range.
Unique & abstract designs with a variety of colour variants.
Fun, lively and entertaining with a variety of bright and colourful animated pictures perfect for kids.
Enjoy the toe sinking pleasure of this Chill Out shaggy range.
The cushion like Cool Loop Designer Rugs attract the attention with its comforting texture.
Copacabana Rugs offer a dim coloured yet stylish unique designed product range. The beautiful rugs range with different patterns and shades creating an old school vintage effect.
Felted circles combined together to create the exclusive Cosmic Abstract Designer Rugs, ranging from loud vibrant colours to a simple-sophisticated black-grey combination.
Handmade, Viscose Designer Beluga rugs range will ensure comfort as well as luxurious style.
The delightful Dakota Designer Rugs range offers a stunning appearance rug being a hand woven product.
The fun style of Fairy Tale Designer Rugs offer a flannel fabric with heat printed exciting pictures.
Our stunningly fun Fantasy Designer Rug Range offer an abstract rainbow effect design. With its thick pile and feet sinking shaggy, comforting texture you can't say no!
The shaggy appearance of Funky Designer Rugs is the icing on the cake to every home with the toe sinking sensation in its thick relaxing pile.
The stunning Gabbeh Designer Rugs range offers a marvellous collection of all abstract and unique rugs. With the use of contrasting colours throughout this range all of the Gabbeh products create a real eye catching and showcase rug.
The Gent Designer Rugs range offer a marvellous square block effect which creates a vintage, antique look.
Indigo Designer Rugs offer a unique, 3D pixel effect design with a large variety of stunning colours included.
The Jaipur Designer Rugs Range offers hand woven striped effects with stunning intricate detailing in the stitching.
The unique designs and large variety and mix of colours make up the stunning Jamaica Designer Rugs. The range comes with a thick pile to let your feet sink into the comforting and relaxing texture.
Kilim Designer Rugs offer a stunning, different sized striped designed rug, the pattern within the products are unique with the delicate detail in the stripes.
The stunning unique models of Lima Designer Range offers a woven effect to create an abstract piece.
Entertaining, enjoyable and exciting, Magic Kids Designer Rugs are perfect for your children. With fun, satisfying images hand carved into acrylic these Designer Rugs include a variety of bright, vibrant colours.
Maya Designer Rugs offer a unique design in all of their products; they use a vibrant contrast of colours to make the rugs really stand out.
Miami Designer Rugs offer a stunning product with hand carving designs. The colour scheme used is very subtle yet stylish and these rugs are the real 'icing on the cake' for your floors.
The classic design of the Milano Designer Rugs range offers a unique checked pattern in different shades to cause the product to appear rare, fascinating, and have a vintage style.
The soft pleasurable pile and comforting texture of Orlando Basic Designer Rugs Range is a must have!
The stunning designs of the Orlando Designer Rugs range offer an abstract, sketched circular pattern on a 2ply polypropylene product.
Paradise Designer Rugs are offering a stunning comforting product; with their thick pile and toe sinking sensation you cant say no!
With 3D balls of felted wool hand stitched together creating our wonderful Passion Designer Rug Range; they offer a beautiful, unique rainbow effect due to the contrast of colour used. These rugs are very loud yet dripping in style.
The Samoa Designer Rugs Range is dripping in style with the shaggy, thick, toe tingling texture.
The stunning Sansibar Designer Rug collection gloat in the shagginess of their products. With their cable-twisted-polyester hairs allowing your feet to sink in you can't say no to the comforting and relaxing texture released.
Saree De Luxe Designer Rugs offer a stunning, pixel like design on a luxurious silk product.
The Sences Designer Rugs range offer a beautiful shaggy like rug, with the thick pile they're extremely pleasurable, comforting and release a toe sinking sensation.
The beautifully hand stitched Sherpa Designer Rugs range offer a delightful checked pattern using a subtle, stylish contrast of colours fit to suit every and any home decor.
The Stepstone Designer rugs display a realistic pebble appearance; produced in grey, dark and light shades the Stepstone rugs will suit any and every interior design.
The glorious Tendence Designer Rugs Range offers a comforting, toe sinking sensation due to the incredibly think pile.
The wonderful abstract Waikiki Designer Rugs Range offers very unique and detailed products, with their use of contrasting colours these rugs are extremely eye catching and the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your homes.
The snazzy Emotion Designer Rugs Range offers funky and loud rugs fit to suit every interior design.
The Spirit Designer Rugs range offers a stunning checked design that includes beautiful intricate designs to create a vintage and unique look.
The stunning designs of Wellington WEL Designer Rugs offer a marvellous stripped effect created by the careful hand stitching.
The marvellous vintage look of Maori Designer Rugs Range offers a sketched effect appearance created by the delicate and intricate hand stitching.
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