Different Types Of Rugs And Their Popular Styles

There is no disputing how much a rug contributes to bringing a room together. But did you know that there are many distinct rug varieties and that not all rugs are created equally? We will give an overview of the most common rug kinds in this article so that you can decide which ones will complement your designs the best.

Portland 57 E Abstract Rug by Oriental Weavers


Knotted rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also made to last. In actuality, many knotted rugs are, by definition, handmade. A unique kind of loom is used to weave materials like wool, cotton, and silk into the design of a knotted rug.


Shag rugs' distinctive texture and appearance give a space more variation. They are also wonderfully comfy in cooler temperatures because of how soft they feel to the touch.


Braided rugs frequently have distinctive and eye-catching designs because of the way they are made, which is in a circular motion. If a solid-color braided rug appeals to you more, it is also a possibility to order one. There may still be handcrafted braided rugs available, even though the majority of them are now produced in factories.


To create a hooked rug, yarn threads are joined together with a crochet hook. The final product is a lovely rug that retains its inherent lumps and irregularities and has a slightly rustic appearance. Because they are more fragile than some other rug varieties, hooked rugs have a marginally shorter lifespan. A hooked rug, however, can endure up to 10 years if placed in a room in your house that doesn't see a lot of traffic.


A square rug is a style of area rug that has four equal sides, just as the name would suggest. Because of their distinctive design, square rugs are known for a wide range of patterns and hues. For somewhat square rooms, square rugs work well. If you also have square furniture, such as a TV stand or coffee table, it will look best.


Round rugs work best in tiny areas because they give the impression that the room is bigger than it is. This is because round designs generally avoid the confining effect that narrow, square-like spaces may frequently provide. Round rugs can be found in a wide range of designs and hues.


Area rugs are a crucial component of interior design since they not only help a room seem cozier. By muting the sound of footsteps on your floor, area rugs can also aid in soundproofing.


There is no denying the popularity of geometric patterns. Rugs seem to be no exception to the recent emergence of geometric patterns in everything from fashion to wallpaper designs. If you discover that the majority of the items in your space are neutral in color and texture, a geometric rug is a terrific way to inject some individuality into the room.


Slice rugs are created to fit the edge of a wall, counter, or other areas. It looks like an ovular rug that has been split in half, true to its name. This has the benefit that it can be placed directly up against a straight surface without causing any obstruction. Slice rugs are frequently used as welcome mats at the entrance door or even as kitchen mats. They come to be particularly handy if you don't have a lot of floor space.

10)Welcome Mat

A conventional welcome mat is a great option for your front steps or hallway when it comes to doormats. Welcome mats frequently include a protective coating that can help them withstand the environment because they are made to be used outside. Welcome mats are available in plain colors as well as ones that feature designs or sayings that let you express your personality.

In addition to being decorative, welcome mats are also practical since they provide a spot for guests to wipe off their shoes before entering your house. Anyone who lives in an area where snow or mud are commonplace should consider them.


A rug that is wider than it is in length is known as a rug runner. They are made expressly to work effectively in corridor areas, which are sometimes overlooked by many homeowners. Even though they are challenging areas to fit rugs into, they are crucial areas to do so since they receive a lot of foot traffic. This is especially true if you want to protect any hardware flooring you may have.

12)Kitchen Mat

Rugs aren't just for the living room, either! Having a rug in your kitchen can be equally handy. Kitchen rugs, often known as kitchen mats, are made with kitchen settings in mind. After all, there is always a chance that water could spill or food would spatter in the kitchen. As a kitchen mat offers comfort while doing the dishes, it is frequently placed somewhere under the sink.


No-slip rugs are intended to have a rug pad on the underside that is coated in a synthetic adhesive substance so that they can adhere to the floor underneath them. From a design perspective, having a rug stay put is advantageous, but it also removes a potential safety problem.

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